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All works utilize layering to create a sense of silent distress. The works call attention to the need for change and acknowledgement of core challenges. Persephone discusses the cycle of abuse by acknowledging the damage it causes both psychologically and physically. This is shown through the petrified pomegranate husks that create the throne for the next cycle to begin once again. This sense of danger evolves to include black in its depiction. Black in the newer pieces represents the feelings of loss. This feeling is symbolized through a slow creeping darkness that surrounds all the figures. The viewer is forced to acknowledge the dangers that are within plain view to take the first steps to move forward. Surface shapes also evolve over the years to create a more intimate viewing experience since not all the details are not comfortably positioned. An awkward tension between viewer and subject is intentional to highlight the somber subject matter at hand.


Louisville based multimedia artist Bailey Roman earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Murray State University with an emphasis in painting circa 2020. Bailey has been sharpening their artistic skills for over ten years. The artist tends to focus on themes that tackle change and dangers that hide just beyond the surface. These types of change include toxic relationships, climate change, other natural hazards, and health. Stylistically these paintings tend to be expressionistic in nature. It emphasizes color theory and symbolism that is common throughout pop culture.
Currently they are working on their master's in public administration with a Certificate in Nonprofit Management and a micro credential in Arts Administration. They hope to address the systemic issues discussed throughout their work to create a positive impact within the community. Bailey has been broadly exhibited across the state of Kentucky. So far, they have been in over 20 exhibitions and 11 publications. 

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